Monday, December 31, 2007

-Visit my blog to see fine art works created in acrylic paint, print media, watercolor collage, and wood. thank you.

Jewelry about ART

Alot of my jewelry involves the subject of fine ART- artists you may know, classic artists whose work is seen in a different context pinned to your shirt or handing from your ears. Here's one that's actually a small painting of two people meeting in an art museum where theye are viewing Impressionist art.
In some of my pieces, the people will be painted along with the words in their conversations. The second pin shows Picasso's couple enjoying a Cezanne "Bathers" painting and commenting on it. By wearing this pin, we suppose you, too, would be expressing your enjoyment of "Bathers" and the Picasso couple.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

This pin is a tribute to de Kooning

This blog will show some of the fun I have while creating
the jewelry pieces you see, which are all one of a kind.

I used to have a wonderful artist's rep who sold my jewelry to all kinds of boutiques, museum shops, and even department stores.

Times being what they are, she's got a full-time job now.

It's much easier for someone else to sell your hand made jewelry, believe me.